Have The Advantage During The Spring Selling Season

The spring selling season is up on us. Most real estate agents urge sellers to list their homes during the spring months for several reason, one being an influx in buyer demand. 2017 should be no different. In fact, many experts are saying that with the low inventory, buyer demand will be at an all-time high. That means more competition and higher home prices for buyers to contend with.

Doing your homework and having a strong team to support you during the spring selling season are essential to having the upper hand. Below are three tips on how to be prepared so that you have the advantage over your competition (other buyers):

  1. Know Your Finances

Sellers are more than likely receiving multiple offers (if their property is correctly priced for the market). That means that YOUR offer needs to stand out above the rest. Do you have a pre-approval from a reputable lender? Sellers and their real estate agents understand that an offer with a pre-approval is more solid than those without. Getting pre-approved should be your first step when beginning your home search.

  1. Know Your Terms

Will you be paying half the closing costs? How long of an escrow period do you need? More than likely, your seller has their own set of needs and wants. By knowing what you require from an escrow, you’ll know how flexible you can be, as well. And flexibility can be a real advantage.

  1. Have Support

Purchasing a house is a complicated business. Don’t forgo that road alone. Find yourself a qualified real estate agent who is familiar with the market you’re interested in. On that same note, be sure to contact a qualified mortgage banker to support you throughout the loan and escrow process. Here at Blackstone we focus on getting you the best rates, pricing, and fees for any residential mortgage. We also deliver sound advice (on what not to do as well as what to do), meticulous attention to detail, and genuine concern for your specific circumstances.

The spring selling season is almost here. If you’re interested in exploring your home ownership options this spring, call us!

Posted April 18th, 2017

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