Mortgage Documents Needed

If you are refinancing or purchasing a home, the following is a general list of documents you will need to provide along with your loan application:


  1. W-2 for 2 years
  2. 2 months Pay-stubs
  3. Tax returns for the last two years
  4. 2 months Bank statements
  5. Copy of 401k /IRA for all accounts and all pages (if applicable)
  6. Copy of life insurance (if applicable)
  7. Most recent Mortgage statement (if refinancing)
  8. Copy of Homeowner insurance (if refinancing)
  9. Colored copy of the driving license for every borrower
  10. Colored copy of green cards (if applicable)


Provide, in addition to the above income documents:

  1. the last two years of the business tax returns
  2. the last two years of the individual tax returns
  3. year to date profit and loss statement
  4. letter from your CPA on CPA’s letterhead stating how long they have been your CPA, verifying name of your business, and how long you have been self-employed.

Additional Documents:

  1. If divorce, provide a copy of the final divorce documents including the Divorce Decree (if obligated to pay support or if claiming alimony or child support as income in support of application).
  2. If Bankruptcy within the last 7 years, provide copy of all the Bankruptcy pages.
  3. If you have a second loan on the subject property, provide copy of the note for subordination.
  4. If FHA streamline, provide the last HUD 1
  5. if Purchase a new house, Provide a copy of the executed purchase agreement along with all the addendums signed by all buyers and sellers.
  6. If you are renting now, provide a copy of the last 12 months cancelled checks that show that you paid your mortgage.