House Hunting Tips and Tricks

Knowing how much house you can afford is just a starting point in your search for a new home. Getting pre-qualified is a great way to find out your maximum purchase price. The next step is equally important – finding that home that fits your needs while still being affordable and obtainable. By answering the following questions, you can narrow down what home features are most important to you:

  1. How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you need?
  2. Do you want a new home or would you prefer an older one?
  3. Are there special features you must have?
  4. Is the school district a factor for you?
  5. Do you want to be close to a shopping center?
  6. Is commuting to work an issue? If so, how far are you willing to drive?
  7. Will you accept any style of home? What about colors?
  8. Do you want a fireplace, pool and/or air conditioning?

Searching for a new home can be overwhelming. You may see five or more homes in one day! Here are a few tips to make it a bit easier!

  • Take a notepad and map with you. Save each home’s fact sheet.
  • Limit the homes you look at in one session to three, so you can focus on the details.
  • Take a picture of the homes that appeal to you, so you can remember their features.
  • Make sketches of floor plans to help you compare the homes you like.
  • Ask questions about any problems in the home before you make an offer.

I hope these tips help you find the home of your dreams!

I look forward to assisting you with financing, and please keep me in mind if you know anyone who could benefit from my services.

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