I was referred to Magdy “Mitch” through my cousin for a loan rate reduction, because she was so happy with Magdy’s service.

I kept procrastinating, and then at the end of 2013 I said that’s it and contacted Mitch. My God I get the surprise of my life… He had the best customer service I have received in a very very long time!

First he talked me through the whole process, what needs to be done, what’s needed (paperwork and such). Then we went through each and every step of the way with me, helping me understand why and how to do everything that he needs from me.

After all of that and getting the necessary loan approval he gave me options and how much each one is going to save me and we discussed and talked and in the end an I made my mind, and I got my loan and have been saving money ever since the end of last year.

I only wish I didn't take too long in getting in contact with Mitch sooner.

Esmat A., CPA,